Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Super Bowl Project

So, today, while I was out and about, I "Stumbled Upon" this mini pocketbook pattern from imsatiable need.  I just finished a quilt top and had left over fabric and thought I'd use it.  I didn't have any heavy canvas fabric, so I bought a little super heavy fusible interfacing and ironed it on.

 Cut the pieces for the pockets. 
I ironed an allowance down and sewed it down to stabilize it (plus I like the look of the seam across the front).  Then I ironed it down the middle.

(Sorry this is centered, blogspot is acting crazy tonight).
 Then, I sewed down the middle.  I added the pen holder on the right.  I didn't have any ribbon, so I made a loop from fabric.

Here's the finished product!


P.S. Does anyone know a good editor for blogspot?  This one is getting really frustrating.

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Valerie said...

Joanna, this is gorgeous! Definitely the prettiest version of my mini pocketbook that I've ever seen! The fabrics you picked are just awesome, and I love that you used a lightweight cotton w/ stabilizer for the outside - a great idea.

Thanks so much for using my tutorial, and for sharing the link and pictures with me! Keep sewing. :)