Monday, February 28, 2011

Apron from a Skirt

Apparently, I am on a spring cleaning kick, which ironically means my house is a disaster, but i have hope for it.  I found a skirt that I bought when I was size 4.  I love it, but never even wore it once, and am definitely not size 4 anymore.  I thought I should probably cut it up and make something new.  Who wouldn't?

So, I cut down either side of the zipper and then a little more just to make sure it wasn't quite a skirty with the finished product.  I folded the cut fabric on the skirt over and ironed and pinned it.  Then, I found some coordinating fabric for ties.  I cut a couple of strips on the fold and made two ties and turned them back rightside out.  then, I sewed them into the waistband and sewed down the edges of the skirt where I cut the extra fabric.  Then, I finished the edges of a couple of squares from the extra fabric and voila... pockets!  Very technical description, maybe I shouldn't even try. I had fun though, and I love my new apron.  I've already worn it more times than when it was a skirt!

If I ever see anyone actually reading this, I promise I'll start taking better pictures as I go on my projects.  Until then, I'm having fun!

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